Thames Path detours – Mapledurham House

The second in our series of Thames Path detours, this is a simple one: detouring behind Purley-on-Thames to see Mapledurham House. The Official Route From Mapledurham Lock the Thames Path leaves the river, crossing a meadow to pick up Mapledurham Drive which leads into Purley on Thames. The Path heads over the Great Western Railway, […]

Thames Path Detours -Bushy Park

Whilst most of the time the official Thames Path route is both the obvious and the best route, there are occasions when it’s worth detouring away: not necessarily to save miles but to enjoy something else en-route. In any case, it’s sometimes good to have a break from the river and enjoy a change of […]

Counties of the Thames Path

What counties does one encounter whilst walking the Thames Path? Well, that rather depends on your definition of county! For hundreds of years England was divided into 39 counties for administrative purposes. They originated as either kingdoms (Kent) or parts of ancient kingdoms such as Wessex and Mercia. Some of these date back to Roman […]

How much further? Thames Path distances revealed.

We all have our favourite ways of estimating how far our walk is going to be. Mine used to be the thumb on the 1 inch ordnance survey. I then migrated to a piece of thread. Now, with OS maps online, it’s harder as your unsure of the scale. Whatever method you use, the distance […]